The latest update for Steampunk Shooter Volcanoids, a retro-styled shoot ‘em up game, is out now for Steam and Android, and with it comes a host of new features. First up is the introduction of a special new weapon type: the Volcanoids. These long-range weapons are powered by gravity, firing streams of bolts that detonate on impact. Meanwhile, the game’s nine new stages are packed with enemies and deadly traps, and are sure to keep players coming back for more.

The latest update for Volcanoids is out, and brings with it some big changes – a new level, new weapons, and a new game mode. Check out the update to learn more.

Free Update for Steampunk Shooter Volcanoids is now available. This update is required to run the game in Windows 10 64bit. Deployment instructions are in the update file.

The team at Volcanoid Studios has released a major content update for the steampunk survival game Volcanoids.

In this game, players collect materials and supplies to upgrade their drill ship, then dive underground to escape the fallout from an erupting volcano. Players used to see that the island’s lush forests had grown back, but a thick cloud of dust now covers them. This forces players to wade through cinders, ash and coal while enemies search for them.

This update allows players to customize the base of their drill ship with new drill heads, colors, and decals. New weapons, such as the Jigsaw Gauntlet, and a flashlight have also been added. Finally, at the request of the community, drill ships have been added to allow players to build healing devices, item dispensers, and turret control stations.

Watch the trailer below to find out more:

Customization update available NOW


You can find the game on Steam Early Access here. Up to 8 years. July, a 20% discount applies.

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The team at Volcanoid Studio has released a major content update for their steampunk survival game Volcanoids.

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