I have been using the Sludge Life app for a few months now and I have to say it has got to be one of the best Android apps out there. I have been looking for a decent game that has the fun factor but also challenges my mind, and this app has delivered. From the name, to the artwork, to the soundtrack, its all pretty slick.

Sludge Life is a community based video game review website that focuses on games that have been criminally underrated in the past. We also provide independent game reviews on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and more. We originally started out on YouTube, but since there wasn’t a focus on video game reviews, we decided to roll up our sleeves and make the switch to our official website.

This week on the show, Sludge Life is a combination of a magazine for fans of the latest tech news and reviews and going on a fictitious trip to California where he meets up with some of the members of the Sludge family.

Epic Game’s exclusive graffiti game, Sludge Life, is out today on Nintendo Switch and brings all the 90s vibes! Sludge Life is one of the strangest games I’ve ever played. I feel like I’m at the helm of one of Adult Swim’s early cartoons or MTV from the 90s, with its grotesque world of ugly losers. It’s just really weird and psychotic, but for some reason it had me, and in the short time it took me to get a grip on the subtle plot, I enjoyed my time in a world of sludge. word-image-457 It is a first-person platformer in which the player controls a budding tagger, Ghost, who paints his pictures in all the famous places to gain a piece of fame. From the start, go anywhere in a small open world and find items like. For example, a glider that allows you to reach new places. Like I said, there’s not much to tell here, but you can talk to many of the locals, who are pretty quirky and funny. Some sentences really made me laugh, while others were either unfortunate or too dark in comparison to the rest of the game’s tone. The game doesn’t give you instructions or tell you what to do, and you’re pretty much on your own from the start, but that’s part of the charm of Sludge Life. word-image-458 It can be quite difficult to get all 100 tiles in the game due to the different puzzles that need to be solved to reach different locations. It’s not mandatory to finish every place with graffiti, but it unlocks another ending, and there’s not much else to do. Aesthetically, Sludge Life shines as a beautiful recreation of what an MTV logo from the early ’90s might look like if it had been turned into a video game. It is both pleasing and nauseating because of the contrast of the colors. The long game gave me a bit of a headache, so keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to high contrast colors. Besides the visual ambiance, the music (which only really plays when you’re near the stereo) is a fun mix of hip-hop and dance beats. The atmosphere of the game is just great. word-image-459 There are a few secrets and items to discover in the game, like a cat with two asses or a few discs that unlock terrible mini-games for your laptop, but overall there isn’t much replay value when you finish the game. Since the game is only about two hours long and is free in Epic Game’s PC store, it’s worth weighing your options before buying this game. Although the game is short, I still spent quite a bit of time exploring the mud-filled world, placing markers on the walls and talking to the inhabitants. Playing Sludge Life for a long time gave me a headache due to the high-contrast colors and low-poly graphics, but it’s quite charming in its short sequences. However, the game’s humor can be clunky, and there’s not much to discover after completing the game. Nevertheless, Sludge Lifehad some fun moments.

Lifetime control sludge
  • Graphics – 7/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Playability – 7/10
  • Long-term attractiveness – 6/10

7/10 Closing thoughts: READ MORE Sludge Life is a brief but charming visual recreation of what the 90s might have looked like if you were constantly taking hallucinogenic drugs and graffiti. If you like any of these things, this might be the game for you. word-image-460 Tony had been playing games since he could walk. The Pokémon Blue version helped him learn to read. His greatest achievement is not only that he has played the entire Kingdom Hearts series, but that he understands them.


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The game is a free download and can be played on Windows, OSX or Linux. It is very simple and designed for kids. You are a slime that climbs up a mountain and has to escape from the monsters by jumping on them, or in other words, you have to avoid their attacks.. Read more about sludge life good ending and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sludge life a good game?

Sludge Life is a retro style role playing game for the PC. It is a classic top down exploration RPG with turn-based combat. The game has both multiplayer and single player modes. In single player mode, you can choose to play as a human or as a slime, with a variety of abilities. This game is a cute little game about a sludge creature who seeks to reach the top of a mountain.

What is the point of sludge life?

Sludge Life is an upcoming event to be held in the tiny town of Hammond in the Appalachian mountains. The event will run from July  18–20, 2014, and feature a number of gaming events (as well as associated workshops, parties, and other events). The result of my recent sludgie-related research has been an entire new post. I started the post on the “What’s sludge life?” as my title, and the “Hammond’s Life” as my subtitle. However, I got far too carried away and ended up with a 5,000 word post (with a figure included), so I’ve now decided to split it into two posts.

What is sludge life rated?

Imagine for a second, a world where you can finally go about your daily routine, and only worry about whether or not you will die a horrible death in a sludge-filled world. The great news is that this is not a hypothetical situation, but a reality. Sludge Life is a game developed by an indie developer named Todd Hammond, and its premise is that your character is a sludge-like alien, and you must survive on a planet that is covered with sludge and death. Our review takes a look at this game and will give you all the information you need to decide whether or not you want to play it. Sludge is a friendly game about survival and, it’s a game that has a companion app and a website. The app, that’s obviously featured on the game’s website, is available on both Android and iOS. The game costs $2.99 and is available here .

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