Bitdefender has a new offering to check out: the top-of-the-line Bitdefender Total Security.” The new product is designed to protect against the most sophisticated cyber attacks, with best-in-class features such as the new Hyper Scan, our next-gen antivirus engine that blocks zero-day attacks and zero-hour threats. Our Parental Control features come with complete protection from viruses and other malware, as does our new Anti-Phishing feature. Users of our Total Security will also be able to enjoy the new VPN, which provides hassle-free Internet security.” And McAfee has a new offering to check out, too:”The McAfee Total Protection Security Suite for Mac 2.0 has recently been launched.

McAfee has been the dominant name in computer security for more than a decade. But over the past year, the company has been challenged by Bitdefender. Both companies have strong product lines, but it’s Bitdefender’s higher visibility in the media that has led to a bit of a rise in their stock prices.

The most popular antivirus software companies in the world are McAfee and Bitdefender. They both use a unique approach to security, but which one is better in 2021? We took a look at the research and compared the two companies on a bunch of metrics.

McAfee vs. Bitdefender word-image-4294 Without proper safeguards, users’ online assets are undoubtedly at great risk. Several antivirus programs protect your computer and the websites you surf on. McAfee and Bitdefender are two of those customers. So how do they both fight and the virus? This article is about McAfee and Bitdefender.

Quick comparison: McAfee vs. Bitdefender

Feature McAfee Bitdefender
Protection tests 6/6 6/6
Web Security
Sampling time test 8 hours (1.4 million files) 1 hour (8 million)
Storage 1.2 GB 600 MB
Price from $79.99 $79.99
Shopping McAfee Bitdefender

Quick comparison table


Both McAfee and Bitdefender have unique features. These features make each of them easier to use. Here you can see what functions each program offers:


  • The multiple scan option includes quick scan, selective scan, vulnerability scan, and full scan options.
  • Online Security is an extension that checks for malicious sites and pages.
  • With Web Boost you can increase the speed of your internet browsing.
  • The password manager is intended for storing and generating passwords.
  • App Booster is a way to speed up the startup of applications.
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Encrypted storage keeps files out of sight.
  • The VPN will be proposed if the automatic update is activated
  • You can control other devices with the parental control feature.


  • The multiple scan system offers the following options: quick scan, full scan, selective scan and vulnerability scan.
  • Performance optimization
  • The microphone protection function checks whether the microphone is in use.
  • The webcam protection checks whether the application uses a webcam.
  • Online security is about protecting yourself while you’re online.
  • The monitor active applications option allows you to make sure that none of the applications
  • The password management function is for storing and generating passwords.
  • The VPN is offered in different packages
  • Safepay is a browser for online transactions.

Protection tests

How do I know if my antivirus is working? AMTSO allows us to test the antivirus against six types of malware. These tests include:

  • Malware Download Test
  • Check for unwanted applications
  • Check downloads
  • Search for phishing sites
  • Malware for compressed files
  • Cloud-based connection control

We’ll test both devices on all these points and see how they perform.


McAfee Security Testing Judging by the video above, McAfee did a good job. In some tests it allowed the malware to download, but quickly removed the virus as soon as I opened the folder. Directed by: McAfee vs. Kaspersky | Battle of the antivirus programs


Bitdefender Protection Tests The opponent also showed excellent results. He passed all the tests. It even removed the virus after it forced the browser to download it. Watch the video to see it in action.

System scan time

  • McAfee Scan Time and Files
  • Bitdefender System Scan

word-image-4295 Systam analysis time and file comparison Next topic McAfee vs Bitdefender – system scan time. McAfee has a bit of a bad reputation for being slower. In a comparison between McAfee and Kaspersky, we found something similar. Anyway, since I was testing all the antivirus programs at once, McAfee scanned 1.4 million files in about 8 hours. Bitdifender, on the other hand, scanned over 8 million files, which is a lot, and took about an hour to complete the scan.

Impact on performance

In this round, we will test the performance impact of the system scan. There are many factors that affect performance, so I won’t be doing the test myself. Instead, I use data from the AV-Test website, where the developers have already tested the performance. Related: VyprVPN vs. Private Internet Access | Battle 6 Tests According to the website, McAfee does not slow down the system during the scan. He got a total of 6 points out of a possible 6. A similar result was achieved in the latest Bitdefender test. He got the same grade. Therefore, there is a tie in this round.

User interface

  • McAfee interface


  • InterfaceBitdefener

McAfee and Bitdefender interface Both are pretty easy to navigate and use. McAfee has navigation tabs at the top of the screen, and you get data and updates on the first tab. You can also manage your account and subscription in the application settings. Bitdefender, on the other hand, has navigation tabs on the left. The main tab is the dashboard, where you can customize the tool to your needs. Each tab offers different options to explore.


As you can see, the prices of the two programs vary depending on the devices you want to protect. But they do have one thing in common. Users will likely get discounted subscription fees for the first year. Both also offer free trial versions for users. The free trial period lasts 30 days. When shopping, it is important to check for discounts that you can take advantage of. The price depends on the number of devices to be protected and the characteristics of each product. Below is a breakdown of prices for these two options based on the number of units. Red indicates that a similar plan of the opponent is profitable.


  • 1 device $79.99 per year
  • 5 devices $99.99 per year
  • 10 units $119.99 per year
  • Unlimited devices $119 per year


  • 3 devices $79.99 per year
  • 5 devices $89.99 per year
  • 10 devices $149.99 per year
  • Unlimited quantity $199.99

Which one should I choose?

The final part of the McAfee vs Bitdefender study is dedicated to the search for the right antivirus. In terms of protection and performance, they both did an excellent job. Bitdefender took less time than a full system scan, and it’s not expensive. I would recommend choosing Bitdefender over McAfee in 2021.



In summary, both McAfee and Bitdefender are very useful in protecting your computer from internet threats. You need it to make sure you are well protected and that your sensitive files are safe. They have unique features and prices, which means you should choose the one that best suits your needs. Anyway, the article is finished. Let’s discuss these two topics in the comments and help others.In 2021 both McAfee and Bitdefender are still going strong, each with their own vision of the future and the capabilities of their products. Reviewing the differences between both of these security companies is somehow redundant as well, as one of these companies is owned by Intel, the other by Cisco, and both are trusted names in the industry.. Read more about norton vs bitdefender and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better McAfee or Bitdefender?

In 2021, cyber-crime is a growing concern that causes the general public to lose sleep at night. A few innovations are helping the problem, but some of them come with their own dilemma. Bitdefender is a security company whose main objective is the prevention of online attacks and data breaches, by using the best security tools and methods available. These tools are meant to protect not only your PC from viruses and malware, but your data as well. Bitdefender offers a variety of security solutions, ranging from a free up-to-date Anti-Virus program to a complete bundle of security software, with a wide variety of security features. Bitdefender has been around for a couple decades now, and have always had a very strong presence in the market. They are a well-established company with a wide range of security products and services. By contrast, McAfee are newer, but they’ve been making big improvements in their marketing strategy lately. In the past, McAfee’s products were more focused on computer security. However, they’ve recently been making a concerted effort to expand their business into areas they previously hadn’t. They’re now focusing on providing security solutions for smart devices and other connected devices, such as baby monitors, home alarms, and even office cubicles.

What is the best internet security for 2021?

We live in a world where criminals and hackers are constantly finding new ways to steal our data. That means it’s important to keep your internet connection safe, but that’s not easy for many people when you’re going through all the hoops of setting up your own security provider. In this article, we’ll compare two popular security solutions from two different software companies: McAfee and Bitdefender. In the last decade, the internet has gone from being an abstract idea to being a cornerstone of our lives. With its reach, convenience and ubiquity, it has become a crucial part of modern life. But the internet is also a dangerous place, since its millions of users are vulnerable to attacks from hackers, malware and other security risks. The key to keeping your information secure is knowing your security options, choosing the right tool for the job and then properly implementing it.

Is McAfee worth it 2020?

Current antivirus offerings are struggling to keep pace with the advanced malware threats that plague the industry today. The latest McAfee 2020 Antivirus, is a decent offering that’s a bit behind Bitdefender. Bitdefender offers some great features that are missing from McAfee. It seems like every week there is a new antivirus software on the market, and the battle between McAfee and Bitdefender continues. The question is this: Is McAfee worth backing in 2020?

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