Discord is an online gaming platform that allows you to team up with custom Discord bots for your gaming needs. Today, I will show you how to enable the screenshot sharing feature that comes with the bot. While this is a handy feature for those who play games like Fortnite or Call of Duty, it can also be used to share pictures and videos with your friends via the Discord app.

This is a short guide on how to enable screen share on Discord, the video chat app.

Discord is a text and voice chat platform that players can use to chat with each other. What many people don’t know is that in addition to chatting, it also offers full video calling and a screen sharing solution.

10 Discord users at a time can use screen sharing, which means you and up to 9 other friends can share screens on the Discord server at the same time. You do not need to install any other third-party software or programs to use the screen sharing feature.

The screen sharing feature has made Discord a very useful software, especially for remote online meeting teams. The Discord application supports both mobile and desktop platforms.

This article describes how to set up and manage the split screen on the Discord server.

Set up screen sharing and video calls on Discord

The screen sharing feature was introduced in August 2017. In addition to screen sharing, you can also make video calls at the same time, which is one of Discord’s best built-in features.

To initiate screen sharing and video calls, make sure the client-side audio and video devices are fully configured.

Video and camera settings

To access the general Discord screen, you first need to change some settings on the settings page.

Step one: Go to the settings page. To do this, click on the cog icon in the bottom left of the screen, next to the user name.

Step two: Scroll down to Application Settings and tap Voice and video to configure your voice and video call settings.

Step three: If you scroll further down in the same section, you will find the video settings. Select the camcorder from the drop-down menu.

Step four: In the right hand pane, you will see the Test Video option. Click Test Video to check if everything is working properly or not.

Message: If you are using a browser and not the Discord application, you must allow access to the camera and microphone. To authorize access to the camera, a pop-up window appears in the upper left corner where you must click Authorize.

Adding friends to the call list

If you have no friends on your list, who would you call? Therefore, to start a video call, you must first add your friends to the Discord conversation group. Once you have added all the friends you want to have a video call with, you can continue the video call.

You can video call your friends in the following ways

Step one: Go to the home screen by tapping the Discord icon (in the top left corner of the application).

Step two: Click Friends to open the list of added friends.

Step three: Tap the username of the friend with whom you want to make a video call. The DM window will open on your screen and you will see the video call icon at the top.

Step four: To make a quick video call, press the three vertical dots and then press Start video call.

Message: If you’re using the Discord app on your mobile phone (Android or iOS), you can start a video call by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the app.

Screen sharing and desktop video calling features

There are several features that allow you to organize your work once the call has started. Even if you switch to another DM window or server, your video will be displayed in picture-in-picture mode. You can then move this window freely around the desktop.

All the features of the desktop version are listed below.

Down arrow

In the leftmost corner of the screen, you will see an arrow pointing downward. Pressing the arrow (during a video call) maximizes the video screen in Discord.

Switching from video to screen sharing

At the bottom of the screen you will see two icons (once the video call has started). Use these two icons to switch between video calls and screen sharing. At this point you know the video call icon, but what about screen sharing?

The icon to the left of the video call indicates the screen share icon, or the monitor icon with the arrow in the middle is the screen share icon.

You can switch between the two at any time during the call. When you switch from a video call to a split screen, you have the option to select the screen or window of a particular application that you want to share.

The best thing I found is that you can switch between the monitor screen and the application window by clicking on the screen share icon.

Call cancel key

As the name suggests, the Exit Call icon ends the video call. Do not press this key until the call is finished.

Changing the attenuation settings

The icon for activating the mute function is displayed by the microphone icon and is located to the right of the icon for ending the call. Press the Mute rocker switch to turn the microphone sound on or off. To the right of this is a user preferences icon, similar to the one you see in the Discord home page window.

Switch to full screen

To fully expand the video call screen regardless of the current view, click the Switch to Full Screen icon. To exit the full screen mode, press the ESC key.

Video identification

If you want to focus on a specific user during a group video call, you need to click on that user’s avatar to bring up their video, while the others stay in the area to the right. However, if you want to switch targets during a video call, click on the other user’s avatar in the Markgraph menu.

Screen sharing and video calling features on your smartphone

The user interface of the Discord app is slightly different from the smartphone version. Unfortunately, the screen sharing feature is not yet available in the smartphone version. If you want to share screens via Discord, you’ll have to switch to the desktop version.

However, there are some great features you can use on your iPhone or Android during a Discord conversation.


In the bottom center of the smartphone’s screen, you’ll see three icons, the rightmost of which means mute. When you press this key, you can activate or deactivate the sound of the phone’s microphone.

Camera circuit

In the bottom center of your smartphone screen, on the far left is the camera switch icon. You can configure, start and stop the camera at any time during a call.

Camera circuit

It is also possible to switch from the front camera to the rear camera and vice versa. The icon for changing your camera view is displayed as a camera with a two-way arrow.

Audio output (iOS only)

Audio is an exclusive feature of the Discord app, only available to iPhone users. It is located in the top right corner (next to the flip camera icon). This feature allows you to switch the audio output between the wireless headphones and the iPhone’s standard speakers.

Audio sharing when using screen sharing

Discord also allows you to turn on screen sound when sharing your screen with others. If you want other users to be able to hear everything that is happening, you need to enable sound in the application window.

This feature comes in handy when teaching other users how to use a particular application.

Fix black screen Share screen Discord

Screen sharing and video calling are definitely great features of the Discord app, but it reportedly has some bugs. As a result of these errors, a black screen appears in the Discord application window.

If you also see a black screen in front of it, don’t worry. You can solve this problem by following the methods below.

  • Restart your computer and open the Discord application again. Start the video call and screen sharing and check if they work properly.
  • Update the GPU drivers to the latest version. In some cases, the screen goes black due to automatic GPU switching.
  • Delete all unnecessary files and the cache from the Discord application.
  • If the problem persists, the last resort is to uninstall and then reinstall the application. If the flickering screen is caused by a corrupted application.

Discord screen sharing audio did not work

Another error that may occur is muting during screen sharing or during video calls on the chat server. The latest update to the Discord app should have fixed this issue, but if you’re still having problems, follow these methods to fix it.

  • The most common solution is to check if the sound button is activated (below the application window).
  • Delete all unnecessary files and the cache from the Discord application.
  • Allows you to select a specific application window instead of entering the screen when using the screen share feature.
  • If the problem persists, it means the application is corrupt. The last option is to uninstall the application and then reinstall it.


Discord is an ideal application for players to communicate with each other via VoIP audio and video calls and screen sharing. By following the methods described in this article, you can easily set up screen sharing and Discord video calls.

If you have any more questions about screen sharing and video calling in the Discord app, let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share screen on discord browser?

Yes, you can share your screen on discord browser.

How do I enable screen sharing on discord?

To enable screen sharing on Discord, you need to go to your settings and click on the “Advanced” tab. Next, you need to click on the “Webcam and Microphone” option and then select “Enable Webcam and Microphone”.

Why can’t I screen share in discord?

You can’t screen share in Discord because screen sharing is not allowed in the server.

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