The gaming community on Twitch is more diverse than you may think. Many people stream not only PC and console games, but also tabletop gaming events, live, and even board games. Admittedly, Twitch has a much smaller gaming audience than Youtube or other streaming sites, but it is still a thriving community and there are a lot of interesting and entertaining channels out there.

In the month of April, I got the chance to experience the Twitch platform from a high-level perspective in the form of the Streamer Summit. The Summit was the first in a series of events organized by Twitch to help streamers learn about the latest streaming technology, learn how to get more exposure, and network with other streamers. The summit was a success for me, and I was fortunate to meet some of my favorite streamers and chatters.

Twitch is an online streaming service for gamers, vloggers and video producers. If you’re not in the mood to play a game, you can watch other players play on Twitch. It is becoming one of the most used social platforms (especially by gamers).

Twitch has its own unique language that only the players on Twitch can understand. From acronyms to emoticons, there are several things in the language of Twitch that you should be aware of.

Cheering is also part of the Twitch vocabulary. In this article, we look at the detailed concept of cheerleading on Twitch.

What is Twitch Cheer?

The cheering is an expression of appreciation for the banners. Besides being grateful, it’s also a way to tip the streamer. Tips can be sent using Twitch’s virtual currency of bits.

Bits are a virtual currency that represent animated emoticons that you can send in chat. This way you show your support for your favorite streamers or channels.

Therefore, Twitch streamers can make money if viewers support them. Those who show their support on Twitch will receive an exclusive badge or emoji. So it’s not just for the streamers, but also for the viewers.

The reward system encourages streamers to create high-quality streams to gain recognition from viewers. Hardworking streamers take this reward system seriously and create unique content for viewers.

Twitch partners and affiliates can currently receive Twitch bits. To activate the pep-function:

  • For Twitch partners, go to Dashboard > Partner Settings > Cheer.
  • For Twitch partners, go to Dashboard > Channel > Cheer.

How do I buy twitch bits?

Some of the recognized platforms, such as Amazon Pay and Paypal, can be used to buy Twitch bits. To purchase bits, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Twitch account.
  • Click on the number of bits you wish to purchase. The Buy Bits pop-up window appears.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Click Next to complete the process.

Twitch bit price

From $1.04 per 100 bits to $7 per 500 bits, you don’t get a discount. However, further discounts are possible when purchasing multiple bits.

The price of Twitch Bits is shown below:

100 bits = 1.4

500 bits = 7

1500 Bits = $19.95 (5% discount)

5,000 bits = $64.4 (8% discount)

1000 Bits = $126 (10% off)

25,000 bits = $308 (12% discount)

Ways to get free Cheer Bits on Twitch

Whether you’re a streamer or a viewer, you can get free Twitch bits online. You can use one of the two methods below, with a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Get free Twitch bits by watching ads

Step one: Find the channel you follow and cry until the feed is fully loaded. In the lower right corner you will see a diamond-shaped bit symbol. This symbol indicates that the streamer can accept bits.

If you do not see the icon on the channel, it means the channel has not activated the support function.

Step two: Click on the Bits icon and select the Get Bits option.

Message: If you have already viewed multiple ads, the View ads button will be grayed out.

Step three: Click on the Show ads button to start showing ads. Once the display ends, you get a number of bits. You can get 5, 10, 50 or 100 bits at a time, but in most cases you will get 5 or 10 bits.

Tip: Twitch drops the bits at midnight PST, which is the best time to see the ads and have a chance to win more bits.

Get free bits on Twitch by participating in polls on TwitchRPG

The second way to earn free Twitch bits is to participate in TwitchRPG polls. TwitchRPG, or Twitch Research Power Group, is Twitch’s official research center, which conducts surveys of streamers and viewers to improve the platform’s features.

To participate in the survey, you must first register on TwitchPRG. After registration you will receive a message to check your e-mail. Once you confirm your email address, you will receive notification of the sponsored survey.

Set Cheers as a streamer

If you are a streamer, you must manually activate the support function. As a viewer, you have to fund your bitcoin account to cheer on your favorite streamer. Twitch partners and affiliates have support mode enabled by default.

However, if you are not a partner or affiliate, you must activate the manual support mode. Proceed as follows.

Step one: Go to your Twitch control panel and go to Partner Settings.

Step two: Select the Support section and activate Support with Enable Bits.

Step three: You will need to sign a tax form to get started. Then read the addendum to the substantive partnership agreement.

Step four: Scroll down to the bit threshold settings. Set the minimum stimulus bit and the minimum emote bit to a number greater than 1.

Step 5: Next, you need to select the support chat icon that viewers can see.

Step six: To let everyone know that you are now accepting Cheers, you need to post a message on your page.

The reason for setting a minimum number of bits above the number 1 is to stop spammers. Since there are many spammers on this site, it becomes necessary to protect yourself from them.

Smaller channels may set lower limits, while larger or popular channels may set higher limits. Adjusting quantities is a matter of trial and error, so you will need to experiment to get the best results.

Set Cheers as a viewer

If you’re a Twitch user, you don’t have to worry about setting up your channel. All you have to do is load your account with bits and rate your favorite streamer by sending them these bits.

Bits are not refundable. So make sure you spend the pieces according to your budget. You can buy bits for original money or by viewing the ads. You can also buy bits on desktop and mobile websites.

To find out how to buy bits, see How to buy Twitch bits. The account can store up to 25,000 bits at a time.

If you don’t want anyone to know how much you’ve encouraged the streamer, you can activate the Encourage Anonymous option in the Encouragement Card menu. However, they will not be included in the rankings, but will receive a ghost badge.

How do you encourage on Twitch?

The cheering process on Twitch is pretty simple. If you start looking at a feed and you realize you’re very attracted to it, then…

Step one: Select the chat box in the feed.

Step two: You must select the Bits icon in the field.

Step three: Choose any player from Twitch.

Step four: Add the number of bits you want to shake. You can use the menu or just type cheer100 to support 100 bits.

Step 5: You can also add other words (impressions, emoticons, etc.) to express your appreciation.

Step six: Finally, send a message. Once you send a chat message, the bits are added to the streamer’s account.

Message: Persons violating the terms of use of the website will be penalized with a ban or a waiting period for a certain period.

Now you’re probably wondering what happened to the pieces when they were in the news. This is because the bits are immediately transferred to the streamer’s account (and the bits are not returned to the supporting viewers).

This is to ensure the best streaming quality for every streamer and viewer and avoid interruptions.

Benefits of aid

You may be wondering what the point of buying bits and cheating online is when you can send money directly to the streamer’s account. We will now look at some of the advantages of transferring money online over sending money directly to PayPal accounts.

  • Viewers receive a badge after each donation, making it easy to recognize each viewer’s contribution to their channel.
  • Donations are broadcast via chat, so everyone can see each viewer’s donations.
  • You can earn Bits by watching ads, allowing you to support your favorite streamer without paying a penny out of pocket.
  • Unlike PayPal chargebacks, users can make donations without worry.
  • From 1 cent to large sums, viewers can send in tickets according to their budget.


Any platform gains popularity when it allows for interaction between content creators and viewers. The rewards system provides a better experience for all users and that is the reason why Twitch introduced the concept of rewards.

Viewers have a chance to express their appreciation to streamers, and streamers have a chance to make money from their channel. That way, the incentives help streamers create unique and quality streams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cheer on twitch with a message?

You can cheer on your favorite streamer by typing their name followed by the word “cheer” in the chat.

How much does a cheer cost on twitch?

A cheer costs $5 on Twitch.

Why can’t I cheer bits on twitch?

You can’t cheer bits on twitch.

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