Bytepaper is a cloud-based application designed to streamline and centralize your business processes. Its intuitive interface and innovative features allow you to automate your call center and customer relationship management (CRM) tasks.

As word of mouth continues to spread about Bytepaper, the CRM software company has been gaining a lot of clients. The software’s ease of use and simplicity of use has helped it to amass a large following, and the company is now busy servicing them with the best support they can offer. The latest addition to their list of customers is a growing number of gaming companies.

If you’re looking for enterprise-grade CRM software, Bytepaper is a good option. The software is free, but it comes with a host of features, including an easy-to-use dashboard, app creation, a marketing department, and a chatbot that can give you customer service support. And unlike push-to-talk services, it works 24/7, 365 days a year—no matter what time zone you’re in.

Content sponsored by ‘s advertising team Business owners are constantly looking for new products to make their operations more efficient, especially in the area of relationship management with current and potential customers – whether they are a B2B or a B2C company. Furthermore, the past year has made the need to stay ahead and invest in an online presence for your business even more apparent and important. And what could be better than a CRM tool for sales and marketing that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere on the web? Enter bytepaper, from Abracket. Founded in 2016, Bytepaper currently caters to the needs of over 800 companies in India, including Bengaluru-based ClearTax. The company’s SaaS model easily provides multiple sales and marketing solutions for startups, SMEs and large organizations with thousands of users, starting from INR 6,999 per year. They also offer customized solutions starting from INR 9999 per year for IT services, retail, real estate, education, manufacturers, consultants, etc. If you want to try before you buy, Bytepaper also offers a free one-week trial with limited functionality. All data collected during this trial period will be transferred to your paid account. Bytepaper not only offers affordable CRM solutions, but also features that give it an edge over the big names in the CRM market, including companies like Salesforce and Zoho, which charge a premium for their services. Bytepaper also offers accounting solutions and a free marketing tool for its Sales CRM subscribers. The founders, Manish Singh and Priya Sood, believe that adaptability is the key to the growth of any business, and they have tested it in practice. Not only have they emerged from this pandemic unscathed and successful, but they’ve helped hundreds of their customers do the same, thanks to their ever-growing list of solutions that have been continually adapted and improved over the past year to meet changing business needs. As mentioned earlier, you can avail the free trial of Bytepaper before buying any of the plans, which start at Rs 6999 crore. Bytepaper’s CRM Sales application can be purchased for Rs 6999 per year. Below you will find more information about the company and the other sectoral offers.

Price ₹6,999 per year
User 3
Additional users ₹2499 per year per user
Features Custom Sales Pipelines | Task Management | Sales Dashboard & Reports | Call Reports
Integrations Integration with Lead Portal | Integration with IVR | Integration with SMS and Whatsapp
Appendix Available for mobile devices
Web Access is possible from any device, wherever there is an internet connection and login details.


Industrial plans for paper Price Characteristics
IT Services ₹14,999 5 Users: Marketing: Sales: Books: Technical Support
Trade ₹14,999 5 Users: Marketing: Sales: Orders: Books
Real estate ₹14,999 5 Users | Marketing | Sales | Books | Inventory (properties) | Drive (file storage)
Advisor ₹9999 3 Users | Marketing | Sales | Books
Education ₹9999 3 Users | Marketing | Sales | Books
Manufacturer ₹9999 3 Users | Marketing | Sales | Books

Abracket, the parent company of Bytepaper, launched DawaiShop earlier this year, which targets pharmaceutical companies, including retailers looking to move their business online. In addition, the company is currently testing another application to help track work and employees when they work remotely. word-image-18289 This is a sponsored article written or accepted by the ‘s advertising team. For more information on our editorial policy, click here. You can contact our advertising team here: [email protected].I’ve been working with Bytepaper on and off for the last 6 months, and I have to say that I’m very impressed. It’s a powerful tool for small businesses, and it’s free! For the small price of $1 per month, you get complete access to Bytepaper’s CRM and call-center software, plus the ability to integrate with your own systems.. Read more about cheap crm for startups and let us know what you think.

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