In most organizations, the HR department is focused on keeping human resources in check. So the fact that many of these organizations are being hit on a daily basis by cyberattacks is a major issue that needs to be addressed.

The threat of cyber attacks on the Internet is at an all-time high. These threats are not limited to those coming from traditional hacking groups, but also from nation-states and hacktivist groups that are motivated by politics and a desire to harm people or groups. Is there any way HR can take steps to prevent a cyberattack before it happens?

Cybersecurity is an issue that is growing daily for organizations across the world, but the current approach of taking action piecemeal, rather than as a complete cyber security program, is a mistake. Whether the issue is data leaks, or a desire to protect your reputation, you want to do something.

Cyber security is the responsibility of all departments in a company or organization, such as. B. IT, Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Marketing and others. However, HR needs to significantly improve its perception and awareness of cyber security issues.

The human resources department is the backbone of a company or organization, as all issues related to the development of the organization or its employees are discussed with this department.

In this situation, the role of HR is very important as they can convey the importance of cyber security to each employee in the right way.

To learn how HR can improve your company’s cyber security in 2021, read this post in detail.

7 steps HR should take today to strengthen cybersecurity

As mentioned earlier, HR needs to think outside the box to get employees to change their attitudes towards cyber security.

Therefore, there are several steps they can take to help organizations significantly strengthen their cyber security in the future. These steps are:

1. Promote the use of cyber security tools throughout the enterprise or organisation

If you head your company’s human resources department, you can motivate employees to use various online security or protection tools that can take your company’s cyber security to the next level.

Before you can motivate your employees to implement various cyber security tools, you need to start using these great tools yourself. That way, you can easily convince them to use all these tools and other desired resources in the required way.

For example, you can choose a good free VPN that guarantees your cyber security in the right way. This allows you to secure your digital site immediately, while better protecting your sensitive business data without reducing your budget.

2. Train employees in cybersecurity rules and prohibitions

If HR departments want to improve their organization’s cyber security, they need to consider certain aspects of cyber security before and after implementation.

These cyber security measures include updating your official devices regularly. Similarly, they should focus on eliminating the weakest links in their systems. They must also make full use of the official resources made available.

Similarly, employees monitor and report suspicious activity to IT or cybersecurity as needed. As for cybersecurity donors, they should not assume that cybersecurity is not their problem.

Moreover, they should not consider cyber security as a myth or illusion as it has become a harsh reality over time. Finally, your employees should not think that cyber security is a one-time event. In fact, they need to engage in these activities throughout the year to protect their businesses from various security risks.

3. Application of end-to-end security throughout the organisation

HR can ask the IT or cyber security department to protect the endpoints of employee business devices. Therefore, a company’s data, including personal customer information, official communications, etc., can be easily protected from the prying eyes of hackers and other unwanted cyber villains.

4. Providing cyber security training to employees

There is no denying that employees need to be properly informed about the latest trends and issues in cyber security. Therefore, HR can work with the cyber security department to provide cyber security training to employees.

You should start by downloading applications from official sources or websites. Similarly, they must install firewalls, malware detectors, and other necessary tools on their primary work equipment.

5. Preventing phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are on the rise worldwide as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Personnel managers should therefore advise their employees not to click on suspicious links or attachments in emails sent by unknown parties.

6. Beware of cyberbullying

Employees should be wary of the consequences of cyberbullying, as they may become victims of online scammers or identity thieves. Therefore, HR has a role to play in educating employees about cyberbullying.

7. Developing a culture of cybersecurity

HR should take all these steps in the right direction to improve the cyber security of their business. By doing so, they can create a supportive cybersecurity culture in their workplace.


In summary, strengthening the cyber security of a company or organization lies in the hands of the human resources department, provided they are well equipped with the latest cyber security tools and other necessary resources.

In addition, employees are also responsible for strengthening the cyber security of their company or organization. You can also follow some useful cyber hygiene practices, such as. B. Install anti-virus and anti-hacking software on official devices, use password managers, firewalls, email encryption software, etc.

In this way, they can help the HR department to improve the cyber security of different organizations or companies in the right direction.Consider this an “HR-friendly” version of our previous article on cyber security. In that piece, we outlined seven steps HR should take today to beef up the security of their organization’s IT systems. But there’s more that HR can do to better protect their organization’s data and systems. Here, we’ve taken the seven steps we outlined in our earlier post, and added a few more.. Read more about hr industry news and let us know what you think.

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