This is the beginning of a new series we’ve launched to guide you through the best and most stable antivirus options for Windows 10. We will be covering various antiviruses, so be sure to check back to see the next five best options today. In our first article, we covered Antivirus for Windows 10.

It is important to keep your computer protected and safe from hackers and malware. This is especially important for those who have sensitive files and personal information. There are many antivirus options to choose from, and it can be quite confusing to figure out which one is the best. To help you keep your computer safe, here are 5 of the best-rated antivirus options for Windows 11.

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  • When choosing the best antivirus for Windows 11 systems, you need to pass the compatibility test and provide excellent security features.
  • Good antivirus software also provides quick access to options, and parental controls and a good firewall can help considerably.
  • It can be difficult to make an informed decision when it comes to securing a Windows 11 device, given the wide range of options available.
  • The list we have compiled covers all your needs and also provides you with real test data so you can make an informed decision.

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Windows 11 can provide a much higher level of security and privacy than any previous version from Microsoft, as one of the key requirements is the TPM 2.0 chip.

The TPM chip, also known as the Trusted Platform Module, allows the newly installed Windows 11 operating system to manage all encryption policies and other security features more effectively and efficiently.

If you are curious, you can always get more information about the TPM chip.

This allows you to use the Internet more freely without fear of third parties accessing your data or monitoring your online activities.

Although it is mentioned that Windows 11 can be installed on systems without this security module, you can always invest in a motherboard that is TPM-compatible or buy a laptop with a built-in TPM if you want to upgrade to a new operating system and don’t have the features you need.

All of these things don’t take away from the fact that your Windows 11, like all other operating systems before it, needs additional security features.

To further improve your security, you can try several methods, including installing stable and effective VPN software.

Another way to accomplish this important task is to install a powerful antivirus program on your Windows 11 system.

In today’s guide, we’ll address this last element and look at some of the best options on the market this year.

What to look for when choosing the best antivirus program for Windows 11

Like any other software, whether it has anything to do with the security of your system or not, it has to achieve certain goals to get on your top list.

Our team of testers, with more than 15 years of experience in the field, has tested more than 10,000 devices and software options – from monitors to KVM switches, and from imaging software to large coding platforms.

Their experience, combined with an objective and thorough approach, allows us to confidently recommend software and hardware to help you make quick and effective decisions based on a wide range of personal factors.

Below are some of the key factors that our team of testers considered when looking for the best antivirus software for Windows 11.

Editor’s Tip: To understand what our team of testers took into account when compiling the list of the best antivirus software for Windows 11, here’s a short list:

➡ Scanning capability
➡ Script blocking
➡ Malware and virus definitions
➡ Anti-extortion
➡ Firewall
➡ File deletion capability

Since it is not sufficient to list these factors in order to understand the implications of each of the above studies, we will break down and briefly discuss each of them below.


As you can imagine, it’s not a good idea to install antivirus software that doesn’t work optimally or at all on your operating system.

In addition to not providing the full protection of antivirus programs, it can even cause system instability and disable it when you need it to protect you from third-party problems, phishing attacks, etc.

Since this article is only about antivirus programs that work optimally on Windows 11, you don’t need to worry about this aspect. We have compiled this list for you.

Scanning options

A good antivirus program should be able to scan for any attempted connection or intrusion by a third party, whether in the form of data packets from the network or files from your browser.

This type of scanning is called reactive scanning and is extremely important to ensure that your system is protected.

Another aspect of scanning worth considering is the antivirus program’s ability to deal with threats that have already broken through the above barrier and are in your system.

This type of analysis is called an in-depth analysis or, more commonly, a full system analysis. This component provides a thorough analysis of the system and provides the ability to identify threats and then isolate or remove the script, file or program that is causing the problem.

The antivirus options we’re going to look at in this list offer reactive and full system scanning capabilities with a high degree of thoroughness, so you don’t have to pay attention to this detail.

Blocking scenario

Another important element of powerful antivirus software is its ability to prevent the unauthorized execution of scripts.

Since many ActiveX or Java scripts can easily infiltrate your system, a good antivirus program will be able to detect and stop the attempt before it happens.

Plugins that use ActiveX or Java as a platform can inject various malicious elements into your system, the most common being botnets, injected code and drive-by downloads.

Malware and virus databases

Since no antivirus software can be effective without an updated list of the latest malware and virus databases, this is one of the most important elements.

Good antivirus software databases should be continuously updated by the software vendors and provide easily accessible datasets of new virus iterations and malware information to ensure complete and accurate identification.

Other important characteristics

Protection against blackmail

As the name suggests, a good antivirus program can not only detect viruses and malicious scripts, but also ensure that ransomware is not used against you.

The amount of ransomware that appears online is increasing with time, so having an antivirus program that can protect against it is definitely a plus.


Although most antivirus programs have a firewall built into their structure, not all firewalls are built the same.

With this in mind, the antivirus program you choose should have a strong and reliable firewall to ensure that the entire reactive scanning process runs smoothly.

File shredder

To make sure that the files you want to remove from your system are actually deleted without a trace, a good file shredder integrated with your antivirus program is a great asset.

Consumption of raw materials

Since the antivirus program you choose will run continuously in the background, it is important to know that it will not interfere too much with your daily activities.

To do this, a good antivirus program must be optimized to provide a high level of protection without consuming too many system resources.

This applies to both background operation and scanning.

What are the best antivirus options for Windows 11?

NOD32antivirus by Eset is one of the most powerful and versatile antivirus programs on the market this year.

With impressive security and privacy features and a beautiful, user-friendly interface, it’s easy to see why this antivirus software was chosen as one of the top choices for Windows 11.

This antivirus software offers excellent firewall protection, spam filtering, and convenient parental controls that allow you to control what your children can and cannot discover online.

The Parental Control feature has been continuously improved over time and is now a reliable and useful tool that not only preserves your peace of mind, but also protects your children’s development by keeping objectionable content out of their viewing experience.

While it would have been helpful if parental controls weren’t limited to just web browsing, Eset NOD32’s results in this area are still impressive.

To make sure your privacy is always protected, NOD32’s advanced webcam protection blocks any unwanted attempts to spy on or remotely trigger your webcam while you are surfing the web or your computer is in sleep mode.

Because the developers at Eset know how important your financial privacy is, they also enable you to protect your online banking transactions with high-quality encryption, making it impossible for third parties to use your credit card information in any way.

As you can see in the image below, Eset NOD32’s statistics have improved significantly over time. Eset NOD32 offers an excellent level of protection, performance and ease of use.

To complement this powerful antivirus and protection service, NOD32 also features a handy network scanner that not only protects the network itself from intruders, but also provides continuous protection and management of data transmitted over the network.

Other useful features:

  • Laptop anti-theft functions
  • Network Security Scanner
  • Surprising numbers from the anti-virus lab
  • User-friendly user interface
  • High detection rate of malware

Eset NOD32

Powerful protection combined with a simple, clean interface for the new Windows 11 operating system.

Bitdefender is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to antivirus software for Windows 11, offering a wide range of useful features and full compatibility with the new Microsoft operating system.

As the developers of Bitdefender are primarily focused on the safety of their users, the application itself proves this element by providing an excellent set of additional features in addition to antivirus protection.

The password management system included in this antivirus software gives you the peace of mind that all your personal information is stored safely and confidentially, without the risk of it being stolen and used against you.

For online transaction security, Bitdefender also offers enhanced protection in this section, allowing you to manage all your data with a few clicks.

No comprehensive security application would be complete without powerful protection against ransomware and VPNs. Bitdefender doesn’t let up in these areas either. It offers excellent detection and protection against ransomware, as well as a VPN that can rival some of the best standalone VPNs on the market.

What BitDefender really excels at is the level of phishing protection it offers your system against this type of attack, protecting your user data and eliminating all risks associated with fake websites and applications.

As you can see from the table below, BitDefender not only offers great performance, but also continuous protection without sacrificing ease of use.

The full suite of network threat protection components, in perfect combination with Network Threat Protection, covers the entire spectrum of possible threats and acts as a firewall at the same time, adding an anti-tracker component that installs in your browser and provides an additional layer of security.

Other useful features:

  • Great protection against blackmail
  • Advanced threat protection with behavior-based detection
  • The network security system blocks all ransomware.
  • Ransomware Removal – back up important files to protect them
  • Powerful identification process with high success rates


Bitdefender, which has developed an amazing array of useful features that not only protect your privacy but also provide excellent security, also works very well on Windows 11.

Bullguard is another strong contender for a place in the list of the best antivirus software for Windows 11. It provides excellent threat detection features and protects your system from phishing, malware and network data collection.

With this antivirus software, you can easily clean up malware and prevent new attacks. It also prevents access to fraudulent websites by displaying a message when a problem is detected.

Once the installation process is complete, Bullguard also automatically updates all virus definition packs to be ready to fight any threat, no matter how urgent.

In addition to a modern interface that allows for easy and straightforward installation, Bullguard uses a range of elements to defend against some of the biggest threats in the online world.

Bullguard’s multi-level protection consists of 6 levels:

  • Safe Browsing – prevents access to pages marked as unsafe.
  • Dynamic machine learning – identifies elements that can be considered malicious.
  • Sentry Protection – protects your PC from zero-day malware.
  • Anti-virus system – protects your system from viruses.
  • Firewall – blocks all connection attempts from unwanted parties
  • Vulnerability Scanner – identifies vulnerabilities in your system

The modern user interface is not only pleasing to the eye, but also provides quick access to all the features needed to protect your system.

To do this, Bullguard collects all the necessary information from the main menu, so that when you start scanning and checking for system vulnerabilities, everything is displayed in the right window.

Below are the test results for the protection level, performance and ease of use of this powerful antivirus.

As you can see, the protection level is unchanged, as is the performance, and the ease of use has increased exponentially over the past year, making Bullguard one of the best options on the market.

Other useful features:

  • Excellent threat detection
  • A secure browser protects online purchases
  • Backup and configuration functions
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Results from centralized scanning


With BullGuard you can be sure that your system is fully protected and you can fully concentrate on using your newly installed Windows 11.

Kaspersky Internet Security is another powerful program that allows you to protect your local and online security with ease, thanks to a list of great features.

Although the program only ranks 4th in this list, it is still able to solve your security problems with a pleasant user-friendly interface that provides quick access and control over all aspects of your PC’s security level.

When you open the application after installation, you will see the following window where you can enter your email address and connect your account for automatic license activation.

The fact that the installation process is so simple speaks volumes about the ease of use of this powerful software, and the same principles apply to all aspects of the program.

When it comes to Kaspersky’s main goal – security – this software proves to be an excellent competitor to the programs at the top of this list.

Other useful features:

  • Money security – online transactions are protected from third parties.
  • A good firewall will not ask you if you want to let an obscure service through, but will analyze it thoroughly and make its own decision.
  • Application Manager – allows you to easily grant and deny access to any application on your device.

As you can see in the image below, in addition to the great features shown above, you also have access to a powerful webcam security service that ensures your privacy is always protected.

They also include account verification and private browsing to finish it off and provide protection for all services.

Below you will also find statistics about the development of Kaspersky services in the past:

As the above data shows, the stability of the user experience has been absolutely impeccable over the past year, and in terms of security and performance, while sometimes shaky, it generally delivers excellent results.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Make sure you are always protected when you use the Internet on Windows 11 with this powerful software.

Norton Antivirus Plus is very close to the top of this list in terms of security, optimization and privacy.

This powerful antivirus software offers full technical support for any problem you may have. So if Norton fails to remove malware from your system, the experts will help you by remotely connecting to your computer and fixing the problem.

This service makes you feel like you have a whole team of experts ready to solve any software problem, which makes it an incredible addition for ordinary users as well as businesses and enterprises.

In addition to this incredible customer service, Norton Antivirus Plus includes many other systems to give you peace of mind, no matter what your problems are.

The scanning section of Norton Antivirus Plus is simply great and offers a wide range of options, with Power Eraser, Norton Insight and the ability to generate diagnostic reports.

For starters, you benefit from Online Banking Protection which, as the name suggests, protects your online payment processing at all times.

No antivirus would be complete without a data protector, which Norton does perfectly with its incredibly high ransomware detection rate.

and the use of Script Control and Wi-Fi security detectors to cover this area of your software experience.

My Norton is a central hub that collects data from all the Norton components you use on your devices.

This can be extremely useful if you want to manage your entire security suite with a few clicks.

Let’s see how Norton Antivirus Plus performs in terms of stability, protection, performance and ease of use.

As you can see, the results are promising and, despite a few problems here and there, Norton Antivirus Plus did not disappoint in any area.

Other useful features:

  • Wide range of scanning modes – fast, full and customised scanning
  • Amazing malware detection
  • Excellent protection against phishing
  • Powerful firewall
  • Online backup

Norton Antivirus Plus

Explore the Internet in Windows 11 without worrying about phishing, malware or attempts to invade your privacy with this excellent program.

McAfee also deserves to be included in our list of the best antivirus software for Windows 11, as it easily meets all the requirements.

Not only does McAfee work great on Windows 11, but it also has an impressive number of features and functions that allow you to forget about security and privacy issues when using your newly installed operating system.

McAfee looks better than ever, with a completely redesigned user interface that not only presents all relevant information in an understandable way, but also provides quick access to all the options you might need.

In addition to the powerful ransomware protection and PC speed booster that come standard with this software, you also get excellent password management, parental controls, and spam filtering features.

They are all top-notch and can therefore protect your devices indefinitely.

Talk about no restrictions: McAffe licenses give you everything you need to protect all the Windows, Android, macOS and iOS devices you own, thanks to one revolutionary feature: unlimited licenses.

It was a shock to users who literally could not believe their eyes. So McAffee’s marketers used a 10-license sign on the antivirus box so as not to mislead users.

The password manager included in this True Key software has undergone some improvements over the years and allows you to install it as a package when you go through the basic installation process. This feature can be installed on any device including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Now let’s see what the stability results show over time in all the major departments:

As you can see, McAfee scores well in terms of protection, performance and ease of use, although protection levels have changed over time.

Other useful features:

  • Good performance level
  • A firewall that prevents unwanted files from accessing your system.
  • Very good level of privacy
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Unlimited licenses


McAfee offers robust, feature-rich features that let you enjoy Windows 11 without worrying about security and privacy.

Why use an antivirus program in Windows 11?

Although Windows Defender in Windows 10 has proven to be a good antivirus, at least in the past year, the detection rate of the built-in antivirus was still low.

As you can see, Windows Defender is at the very bottom of the list when you compare its detection rate and overall performance statistics with other more powerful antivirus programs.

This element hasn’t changed much since the release of Windows 11, although the built-in antivirus works better than the one in Windows 10.

Therefore, it is very important to add a good antivirus software to your system if you want to ensure your online safety and protect your most sensitive data.

As you can see, this article concludes that you should buy a good antivirus software for your Windows 10 operating system if you don’t want to worry about intruders.

We hope the information you find here will help you make an informed decision.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us via the comments section below this guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What antivirus should I use 2020?

We recommend using a top-tier antivirus program such as Norton Security, Bitdefender, or Kaspersky.

What antivirus software is ranked #1 for this year?

The best antivirus software for 2018 is Norton.

What are the top 10 antivirus softwares?

Avast, Avira, AVG, Bitdefender, ESET, Kaspersky, Norton, Panda, Symantec, Trend Micro.

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