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Are you one of the thousands of users who received the message Sorry there was a problem with your request on Instagram?

If that’s the case, I can understand the annoyance you experienced when opening your Instagram account.

No one would think that such a bug could also get users into trouble.

Well, I promise you that after reading this article, you will get the best solutions to fix Instagram sorry there was a problem with your application.

You already know how popular Instagram is with users. It is one of the fastest growing social media apps and has overtaken competitors like Snapchat and Twitter.

He is so helpful that people never expect him to make mistakes.

But according to many users, Instagram gave an error message.

Sorry, there was a problem with your request.

So without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and find out how you can solve this problem without any hassle.

Introduction to the Instagram bug

Instagram Error We’re sorry, there was a problem with your request for a few days, but those few days were annoying.

The people were angry because they were not offered a way out of this situation.

The worst part is that the users have not received an official solution.

Nobody knows why this error occurred and what the solutions are.

So, after extensive research, I have found some possible causes that could lead to this error, and I hope you agree.

Why is Instagram showing the message Sorry, there was a problem with your request?

Now that I have gathered information on why this error occurs to all users, the reasons are shocking to me.

In general, users have had problems logging into their accounts. It also means that your account is blocked from being used on specific devices.

You have been banned for violating Instagram’s policies or for posting harmful content that does not comply with Instagram’s Terms of Service.

If you try to sign in to your account from a specific device, the IMEI number is detected and you get an error message.

Another reason you may not be able to access your account is a server error or poor internet coverage. Whatever the cause, you have found solutions to get rid of this error quickly.

However, if you believe you have been wrongly banned, or if you have not violated the terms and conditions, please email them and let them know what problem you have encountered.

However, if you are experiencing the same problem for a long time, it means that you have violated certain rules of Instagram and you have been banned.

However, you should know that this error can be fixed without any problem.

Just follow the methods below where I have explained how to fix Instagram error Sorry, there was a problem with your request.

Comment fix Sorry, there was a problem with your request on Instagram.


After doing some research on this error, I have gathered the best solutions that you can use to safely get rid of this problem on your phone.

I even uninstalled and reinstalled Instagram, but the error remains the same. I couldn’t access my account and was completely frustrated.

But I found better solutions to fix Instagram, sorry there was a problem with your request.

Table of Contents
Method 1 : Sign in with your Facebook account

This method is one of the simplest and easiest ways to access your Instagram account.

Just follow the steps below:

First, open in any browser on your phone
Log in with the browser
Then go to account settings and delete the Facebook account you added earlier
Then create a new Facebook account to link your Instagram account.

Now open Instagram on another phone and sign in.
Open the settings and connect the Facebook account you recently created.

Now delete the application data on your phone.

Then log into Instagram with your new Facebook
account That’s it, now you can successfully log into your Instagram account after replacing it with your new FB
account Method 2: Temporarily deactivate your Instagram account

Closing your account for a while is also one of the best ways to access your Instagram account.

First of all, log in to your Instagram account on your desktop
Now go to your profile and click on Edit Profile
Here you need to click on Disable my account temporarily.

You need to provide a reason for deactivating the account (account can only be deactivated once a week)
Then you need to wait for 6 hours
Once the time is up, log into your account through the app
That’s it, now you can successfully log into your Instagram account
Method 3: Create an Instagram clone to access the account

This is a new way to access your account. Creating an Instagram clone with two Instagram app fixes Sorry, an issue has occurred with your application.

Follow the simple steps below:

First, go to settings and click on Dual Application.

Now find Instagram
Next to the Instagram option, click the Enable button
This will create a clone of the app and add a new Instagram icon to the home screen.

Finally, click on the Instagram icon you just created and log in with your account. You can now easily check if the problem is solved or not.

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Method 4: Use parallel space to solve the error

This is another possible method that can help you get rid of the error.

This method is also similar to method 3 above.

You can also create a clone of the Instagram app here, but with the Parallel Space app.

Download the Parallel Space app from the Google Play Store to your Android phone
Once downloaded, open it to create a clone of the Instagram app
Immediately, a shortcut will appear on the homepage
Now open this new cloned app and enter your login details
That’s it, now you can easily access your app
Method 5: Try changing the IMEI number and Android ID.

Changing the IMEI and ID is useful for users who have rooted their phones.

In this case, you need to uninstall the Instagram app and then follow the steps below:

First, uninstall the app from your phone
Now replace the IMEI number with the Android ID of your phone
Then restart your device
Now download the Instagram app from the Play Store and log in
And now it’s done, you have successfully logged in
Method 6: Perform a factory reset of the phone

If all the above methods do not solve your problem, I recommend you use the last method.

You should perform a factory reset on your phone as it will help you get rid of various types of bugs on Android.

OPINION: Before factory reset, backup all the important data and information on your Android phone to a safe place.

Go to the phone settings and search for Device Factory Reset
. Then click General > Reset > select Clear all content and settings and proceed to reset the device settings.

Wait a few minutes for the reset process to complete
Once the process is complete, go to the Google Play Store and download the app to your phone
Now log in to your account
Yes, you are done and can now easily access your account
Method 7: Get help from Instagram’s Help Center

Finally, there is the Instagram Help Center contact.

If all this doesn’t solve the problem, open the login screen and look for the Login Help option.

Then choose whether you want to use a username or an email address.

Then enter your registered e-mail address and select Send e-mail. Now check your email where you received the message.

The message you receive is very important, so pay close attention.

You need to select the big blue button and ask if you want to open the link with Instagram, Chrome, etc. You need to select Instagram and check the Always use this option.

And that’s it.

Method 8: Advanced solution to solve Instagram error on Android

If the above method doesn’t work or takes a lot of time, you can use a professional software like Android Repair. This is an effective way to fix Instagram error Sorry, there was a problem with your request. It is an easy to use software that fixes all types of errors or problems on Android phones.

Apart from Instagram error, the program is also capable of fixing other errors like Instagram stopped, WhatsApp stopped, Snapchat stopped and many more.

So, just download Android Repair and easily fix Instagram errors on Android.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how to use the program to fix bugs.

(*With the free version, you can only restore a sample of the files).


Finally we have arrived at the last part and I am glad that I have given you some very important methods to solve the Instagram Sorry There Was a Problem with Your Application error on Android.

For faster and newer methods, use Android Repair.

If you encounter a similar error, we hope the following solutions will help you fix this unexpected error without any problems.

You can also contact us through our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sophia Luis is a professional blogger and SEO expert. He enjoys writing blogs and articles about Android and iOS phones. She is the founder of Android-iOS data recovery and is always looking for solutions to problems with Android and iOS devices.There is nothing better than settling down on a couch or the nearest seat to the television to watch some movies. However, this can be a chore and many people would rather look at movies on a big screen rather than a small TV. If you are in the same boat, then you will definitely want to read on, for we have put together a list of the ten best home theater speakers for watching movies.. Read more about best 7.1 home theater system and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which speakers are best for home theater?

A home theater system is the backbone of any home. They can be a full surround sound system or a simple hifi, but they are the place where we come together when we want to enjoy some great music or watch a great movie. They are also the place where we can find speakers that can make a better entertainment experience. Home theater setups are great for watching movies, and home theater systems make it easy to enjoy a full surround sound experience. Since there are so many different types of speakers available, it can be hard to sort through all the options and figure out which ones will work best for your needs. But there are some things you can look for when trying to find the best speakers for your setup.

What is the best surround sound setting for movies?

As a movie lover, you probably watch a lot of movies on your home theater. And with all the different speakers, sub woofer, and soundbar brands around, it can be tough to find a setting that fits your needs. So, we’ve lined up 10 of the most popular home theater speakers to help you pick out the best surround sound setting for your home. Everybody enjoys listening to music in the home, and listening to a movie can be a fun experience as well. You know that the sound you hear in your home is not just the sound you hear from the movie itself, but the sound of every other stereo device in the house too. The best surround sound is one where everything is equal and consistent and not too loud or too soft.

What brand speakers do movie theaters use?

If you are like most people, you like to watch movies in a theater with a surround sound system that fills the entire room with sound. In fact, the first movie I ever saw in a theater was Jurassic Park and I remember being blown away by the sound. Nowadays, movie theaters often use some of the same speaker systems found in home theaters, but they often don’t have the same sound quality. So, which ones are the best quality for movies? In this article, we’ll compare the best movie theater surround sound speakers at different price points. The consumer market for home theater systems has exploded in recent years, and with good reason: the speakers are amazing. They’re easy to set up, they deliver huge sound with little distortion, and they’re even better sounding than the speakers in your TV, so you can hear every nuance of the soundtrack. But mega-speaker purchases come with a major downside: they’re not portable. If you want to listen to your music library on your way to work, or enjoy a movie in your bedroom, you’ll need an equally powerful set-up that can slip into a bag.

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